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The production halls are equipped with cranes with lifting capacities of 3 t, 5 t and 20 t, distribution of technical gases and compressed air.

Production is based on documentation and in accordance with quality management according to EN ISO 9001

In the 100m long production hall of the Engineering production plant, with portal cranes up to a lifting capacity of 20 t, mainly single-purpose machines or their custom-made parts are created.

Our production possibilities also include the production and assembly of steel weldments and constructions, both from common types of steels and from austenitic, fine-grained, high-strength steels or from copper or other alloys.

We derive a high operating level mainly from the experience of proven technical and production-assembly workers.

The plant is equipped with horizontal boring machines WHN 13 CNC and WHN 110 CNC TOS Varnsdorf with maximum parameters 5000 x 2500 mm.

The company has its own development capacities in design and technology, capable of solving tasks in these areas with the appropriate equipment.

If the customer requires special technologies, which are not available in the Engineering production, we are able to provide them by external cooperation.

Manufacturing program:

  • Production of single-purpose machines and machine parts
  • Production of steel weldments and structures
  • Construction of sheathed industrial furnaces
  • Components and parts of production lines
  • Gearbox and other welded weldments
  • Welded machine and equipment foundation frames for various industries
  • Construction of conveyors, furnace cladding for metallurgical processing of non-ferrous metals
  • Design of melting coils for metallurgical processing of non-ferrous metals
  • Production of components and components for the non-ferrous metal processing industry
  • Chemical apparatus and their components
  • Assembly

Contact - officer

Lenka Žilková
Sales department officer

E-mail: lenka.zilkova@zvu.cz
tel: +420 495 822 288
mobil: +420 733 141 626

Contact - Engineering production

Ing. Petr Jeřábek, MBA
Director, sales representative

E-mail: petr.jerabek@zvu.cz
tel: +420 495 823 635


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