Measurement and calibration

Metrology Center ZVU Servis a. S. focuses on repairs and calibration of gauges

ZVU Servis as owns Registration Certificate No. 501-RO-0531/98, issued by ČMI Pardubice

Specialized workplace – metrology center ZVU Servis a.s. focuses on repairing and calibrating gauges or other metrological services with the maximum effort to extend the service life of gauges and thus save our customers’ funds.

Including calibration, ZVU Servis a.s. the customer shall be marked with the date of calibration validity or identification numbers.

Registration Certificate No. 501-RO-0531/98, issued by CMI Pardubice 505/1990 Coll. Art. I, Section 5 (6), which is further regulated by Act no. 137/2002

This Regulation states:

„Users of measuring gauges can ensure the traceability of the measuring instruments themselves by means of their main standards or through the Czech Metrology Institute or Calibration Service Center or other measuring instrument users with relevant main standards linked to the standards of the Czech Metrology Institute, Calibration Service centers or standards with a comparable metrological level. "

We calibrate the following devices:


n the field of LENGTH measurement we perform calibration of the following devices:

  • Roller gauges, straddles
  • Thread gauges
  • Calipers (calipers, depth gauges)
  • Micrometers (all types)
  • Dial Indicators (Digital)
  • Measuring instruments with no. gauges
  • Tape rules
  • Measuring tapes (steel, fiberglass)
  • Leveling slats
  • Special gauges (according to drawing documentation)


In the field of FLAT ANGLE we calibrate the following devices:

  • Protractors
  • Angles
  • Mechanical and masonry levels


Deformation pressure gauges from 100 kPa to 60 MPa

  • Deformační manometry od 100 kPa do 60 MPa

We believe that our work will meet your expectations and we are ready to carry it out.

Contact - Measurement

Michal Petrovický
Head of the Quality Department

tel: +420 495 823 272
mobil: +420 602 176 618


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