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Establishment and development of ZVU Servis a. s.

ZVU Servis a.s. is an engineering manufacturing company focusing on single and small series deliveries of machine assemblies, weldments and steel structures for various industrial equipment, machine components, tools, jigs and parts.

The production is based on the customer’s documentation in accordance with the technical and production European standards defined by the customer and in accordance with the quality management of production preparation and production itself according to EN ISO 9001.

In the field of complex care of engineering equipment, ZVU Servis a.s. performs general repairs of machine tools including processing of complete documentation.

In addition to preventive inspections of machines and routine repairs, we offer a permanent service of machinery

We also specialize in the repair of electric motors and electrical equipment of working machines.

Metrological Center of ZVU Servis a.s. concentrates on repairs and calibration of gauges; or other metrological services.

The production consists of a complex production, that is metalwork, through welding, machining, material finishing, to the final surface treatment.

The company owns three production halls with a total area of 6000 m2, situated on the premises of ZVU a.s. in Hradec Kralove.

The halls are equipped with all the infrastructure necessary for efficient engineering production of medium heavy character.

The production halls are equipped with cranes with lifting capacities of 3 t, 5 t and 20 t, distribution of technical gases and compressed air.

The dimensions of the products are limited by the profile of the entrance door to the halls 5060 x 3950 mm.

ZVU Servis a.s. is a subsidiary of ZVU a.s.

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Company history

Establishment and development of ZVU Servis a. s.

Thanks to its long tradition, the ZVU brand is well known both in the Czech Republic and on the traditional export markets as a manufacturer of equipment for the food and chemical industry, for ecology and energy.

The history of the company begins in 1869, when the first Czech joint-stock engineering plant Hradec Kralove was founded in the place of today’s industrial enterprises. Over time, the company underwent a number of partial organizational integration, e.g. in 1921 it became part of the Škoda Works Plzeň, in 1965 it was included in the company Chepos Brno. However, its concentration was still focused on providing equipment for sugar refineries, breweries, steam boilers, gasworks and chemical plants.

In the 1990s, the holding structure of the company was established – various fields of production specialization were concentrated in separate subsidiaries with the aim of maximizing the efficiency of activities and processes taking place in them.

ZVU Servis, as was established in 1997.

Here, mainly the service and maintenance activities for the rest of the holding were concentrated. Over time, ZVU Servis has become a sovereign engineering company, which today focuses mainly on external customers.

ZVU Servis has its own production facilities and it has the possibility to extend the production and assembly area within the ZVU group, if required by the order.

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